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jun 11

jQuery is-or-is-child-of function

Sometimes, in Javascript, when you interact with an element, you want to know if that element is or is the child of a specific element. A case of this might be a context menu that you have pop-up when you click on elements on the page, but you want it to be smart enough not to re-propogate when you click on the context menu itself.  see the article

oct 10

jQuery Vertical Align Function

You can't vertically align content very easily for websites unless they're contained in a <table>, but using tables isn't always an option. Since this is a problem I frequently encounter, I decided to write a jQuery function that does it for you. And since I'm all benevolent and stuff, I've decided to provide it here for your enjoyment. see the article

feb 10

Snazzy jQuery Form Alert Boxes

For a recent client, I wanted to write a script that would alert a user to not leave a field blank. Using jQuery, I wrote a script that animates a small alert box into a position relative to the input box in question. If the user "focuses" on the particular input box, then "blurs" (clicks off of it, or clicks elsewhere) without inputting anything, the alert box will insert itself into the DOM directly above the particular <input> in question alert them that they left it empty. see the article